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Urban Apartment Kitbash FBX Library

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Urban Apartment Kitbash FBX Library

Paul Caggegi
3 ratings

Create your own city apartment block with this simple modular kitbash set. Files are compatible with Blender, UE4, Unity, Clip Studio Paint

Pack01 includes:

  • 3x tiles pavement assets
  • 3x smooth pavement assets
  • 2x styles of door
  • 4x windows
  • 2x wall sections
  • 2x corner caps
  • 2x ground edge sections
  • 1x rooftop tile
  • 2x rooftop edge sections

Pack01 also includes 2x Styles of Prefabs complete with:

  • Pavement - tiled small square, tiled large rectangle
  • 4x Ground Floor styles
  • 4x Upper Floor styles
  • 1x Rooftop

Pack02 - Supplemental Kit includes:

  • Extra Upper Floor style
  • Sunken Entrance and windows for Ornate Style
  • Bay window style complete with ground, upper, lower and rooftop caps

Pack02 also includes 2x extra upper floor prefabs

Pack03 - exterior details includes:

  • Assets for 2x water towers
  • Assets for multi-level fire escape
  • 3x prefab fire escape sections: ground, upper floor, rooftop

Pack03 also includes Prefab segments of fire escapes and water towers

So whether you need reference models or background assets, you'll be setting up your urban backgrounds in no time!

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