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Urban City Office Tower KPack

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Urban City Office Tower KPack

Paul Caggegi
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This KPack* will allow you to kitbash a city office tower in minutes!

*Requires the Free/Pro KIT OPS add-on for Blender -

The Office Starter Pack includes all basic assets you need to build several versions of office towers:

  • 3x Smooth Sidewalk tiles
  • 3x wall styles - 1x base, 2x office
  • 3x styles of office window inserts
  • 5x styles of Door inserts corresponding to wall styles
  • Rooftop assets
  • awning and edging
  • corner caps and wall divider

The Additional Packs add:

  • 3x styles of Antenna
  • 1x cell tower (large)
  • 1x cell tower (small)
  • 1x radar dish
  • 2x Exits
  • 2x skylights

A second pack contains Air-conditioning and ducting assets:

  • 3x aircon units
  • ducting segments
  • airduct exhausts

Purchase the sets separately, or get 12.5% off as a bundle!

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